HEALTHY PINEAPPLE WATER AT HOME 5 ingredients you need .

Written by Kelsey Thomas

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August 4, 2022

By: Chef Kelsey

How to make Pineapple Water

Health Benefits for Pineapple Water :

Key Factors:

When it comes to detoxing the body, I have one of my favorite recipes that I like to make for all season. Pineapple water is a efreshing detox, tasty, and sweet drink to make. I ususally drink this beverage while I am folding the laundry, sitting out in the front to enjoy the breeze or just sitting cozy in my house. This drink is fantastic to have in all sesaons of your life and a home stable when you like to have something not too sweet and health approved.

How Pineapple Water Can Help You

Health Benefits:

There are many health benefits to drinking a tall glass of pineapple water. One way is it can help reduce inflammation in the body. Pineapples contain bromelain which is an enzyme that helps your skin and tissue heal. Some common inflammatory diseases are Arthritis and Gout. Arthritis causes pain throughout the body, manily in your hands, feet knees and shoulders. Gout which is associated with arthritis but a bit more painful can also attack your body as well.

When a person drink pineapple water its vitiamns can act as a digestive cleanser from its fiber and minerals to help with weight loss. This is a booster because not only does this rich fruit contains many vitamins such as vitamin c, magnesium, fiber, vitamin b, potassium, and copper that our body needs but also good and favoraful too. Pineapple water can act as a post-surgery or injury recovery drink as well because of the bromelain in the pineapple, its properties help combat pain and swelling. For example, a mother trying to recover from a c-section after having a baby.

From personal exeprience , ” I’ve used pinapple water as a detox for my body when I had my first child. I dranked the water right before breakfast to get out all that bodily toxins I had the night before. Also i dranked the drink throughout the day to stay hydrayted after nursing. Why staying hydrated after nursing for many hours, I was able to produce more milk for my baby because I retained all the nutrients”- Chef Kelsey .

The taste of pineapple water is very refreshing with hints of pineapple chunks, fresh mint, basil and cinnomon for accent. This drinks cleans the back of your palet as well as leaving you quinceless and satified.

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Preparation for Pineapple Water:

How long will it take to make pineapple water:

Cook time 4 hours. Prep time 5 minutes. 24 hour process

Ingredients for pineapple water:

-4 bay leaves

-1 whole pineapple (only using the pineapple skins)

-1 whole lemon sliced

-6 pints of water 

– 1 whole ginger (peeled and cut into medium pieces)

Steps to make pineapple water:

  1. Clean your pineapple. Use cold water because you only use the skin or trimming of the pineapple. Cut around the pineapple. Use all of the skin trimmings as well as leftover core pieces, the base, and top of pineapple, just not the stim.
  2. Next, combine all ingredients into a pot with water and let it simmer on low heat for 4 hours.  After 4 hours, you want to remove it from the heat and set it aside. For the best results let this water sit out over night at room temperature.
  3. Then, let the water sit overnight to chill. Never place a hot beverage in a glass container, let it cool down first. Once it’s chilled add it to nice mason jars. 

I recommend choosing a big pineapple for this juice. The pineapple water can last for 5 to 6 days.  



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