Chef Services

Why Choose A Private Chef?

Why Choose A Private Chef?

Our private chef services provide you with a luxury dining experience from the comfort of your home/ event space. We do all the cooking in your kitchen while you sit back and relax. Based on your theme and menu selection, the chef will provide an ambiance setting, wine, decor, and floral arrangement. After your meal, enjoy Chef Kelsey’s dessert selection and beverages provided by her. A client can select from one of the three different luxury dining experiences.

How It Works?


Once you make the initial contact wanting to try our services. You will receive an email back to schedule a time to meet either in person or over the phone. During our meeting, we will discuss your preferences including likes/dislikes, any food allergies/sensitivities, and the frequency of your chef services. Then, we will personalize your plan and a start date will be set.


After our consult, Chef Kel will create the perfect menu personalized to your liking. Upon approval of the menu, it will take at least 3 business days to get food, material, and finish prepping for your event.

Cook Day

On the cook day, Chef Kel will either have food already prepared for drop off or will be cooking from your home. All food items can simply be reheated and ready to enjoy!

 Absolutely delicioussss Food! Chef Kelsey prepared a private romantic dinner experience! Everything from start to finish was outstanding! The sauce for the scampi shrimp appetizer was unbelievable! I highly recommend Chef Kelsey for all your cooking needs!

-Treyonna Q.

Tourist From Vegas