Meal Preparation Services

How It Works

How It Works

After our initial consultation, we work together to plan a menu that will work for you. A service date will be sent to begin meal preparations; Chef Kelsey will do the shopping, prepping, and preparing your meal. The client will have the option to choose between 1 week of meal prep, 3 weeks of meal prep, or a month being on a meal prep plan preparing meals each week for our client. Your meal(s) can be prepared in the comforts of the client’s home or from our home-based kitchen.

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Greens| Steamed Cabbage |Asparagus |Loaded Mash |Rice Pilaf |Broccoli |Vegetable Melody |Steam Cauliflower|Mac n Cheese

I was soooo hype to use Chef Kelsey’s food prep services! Her presentation via pics are always so nice so I knew that my meal was about to be amazing! She catered to my needs with vegan options and my food was packaged very nicely! Her turnaround time was amazing as well! I’d recommend her services, hands down! 

-Shadé B.